Touch Solutions

Display LC provides top quality touch screens, controllers and drivers, and Monitor products in a wide range of configurations. Display LC's complete array of structural and application-specific offerings, together with world-class customer support, means that practically any environmental needs are easily met.


Ralf Helfenstein
Manager Quality & IT
Senior Engineer

New Mitsubishi Electric TFT PCAP Family

Mitsubishi Electric introduced a new Generation of PCAP models for 6.5", 8.4", 10.4" , 12.1" and 15" size with an own PCAP Touch solution and very advanced features.

(1) High durability, Water proof
(2) Multi Touch, Gesture input
(3) Glove Touch possible
(4) Wide Temperature range
(5) Sensing electrodes invisible
(6) Protection glass up to 2.8mm
(7) Glass bonding technology used

Total solution support with LCD TFT+ PCAP+Controller+ Windows based driver Software with warranty

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Touch Information

Display LC's touch screens include resistive and projected capacitive type touch screen. The resistive touch screen family is separated by standard 4-, 5-, 8-wire touch screen and value added resistive touch screens that include Low Reflective touch, High Light Transmission touch, Glass surface touch, Touch Window and Multi-Finger touch type resistive touch screen. For Projected capacitive touch screen, we have two product line, one is for single touch or gesture purpose and another one is for multiple touch purpose.
Display LC provides total solution touch screens , the touch controller and drivers on demand.


Projected capacitive touch solutions

Display LC provide not only PCI touch screens and PCI controllers but also drivers and application software so that they will be applicable for general PC and other professional fields such as industrial and medical applications.

Features and advantages of Display LC's & PCI touch screens:
1.Single or multiple touch on the PCI surface to activate
2.Supports PenMount single-touch and dual-touch gesture recognition
3.Durable and scratch resistant of touch surface
4.High light transmittance
5.No calibration is required in long term use high temperature high humidity environmental test compliance
6.Product with EMI shielding design
7.Sensors size ranging from 3.5" to 12.1" , offering as standard stock items
8.Different sensor structure designs for various applications
9.Provides control boards and drivers

Projected capacitive touch specifications