Color TFT

Perfect colors are provided at each Standard TFT in our wide product portfolio. We offer products from 1.45" up to 30" diagonal sizes, many of them with industrial specification behind and long term availability for our customers.

Most of them have long life LED Backlights, higher brightness and driving method is easy due to our family concept. Beside the TFT module we can provide also inverters, cables and controller boards if required. Semi-custom TFT solutions by changing FPC; BLU; Bezel etc. and even full custom TFT products are possible to provide.


Roland Hanel
Manager Marketing & Sales
DISPLAY LC Deutschland GmbH
Model No.DiagonalResolution (dots)Resolution (Type)Module Size (mm)Brightness (cd/m2)TouchInterfaceSpecialContactPDF
NL6448BC33-70C10.4"640 x 480VGA243.0 x 185.1 x 10.5900noCMOS / LVDSTianma 
NL6448AC33-AOD10.4"400 x 240VGA500noCMOSTianma 
NL8060BC26-35C10.4"800 x 600SVGA243.0 x 185.1 x 10.5800noLVDSTianma 
NL8060AC26-54D10.4"800 x 600SVGA64.0 x 85.0 x 2.93450noLVDSTianma 
NL10276BC20-18C10.4"1024 x 768XGA800noLVDSTianma 
NL10276BC20-4710.4"1024 x 768XGA400noLVDSTianma 
AVD-TT104SV-NN-00210.4"800 x 600SVGA236.0 x 176.9 x 5.6500noLVDSAVD 
NL8060BC26-35BD10.4"800 x 600SVGA243.0 x 185.1 x 10.5350PCAPLVDSTianma 
NL10176BC20-18KE10.4"1024 x 768XGA780PCAPLVDSTianma 
NL12876AC18-03D10.6"1280 x 768WXGA 248.8 x 155.8 x 6.5300noLVDSTianma 
NL12876AC18-07DC10.6"1280 x 768WXGA , SFT250PCAPLVDSTianma 
NL192108AC13-02D11.6"1920 x 1080FHD , IPS450noeDPTianam 
NL8060BC31-51C12.1"800 x 600SVGA280.0 x 210.0 x 9.1900noLVDSTianma 
TM121SDS0112.1"800 x 600SVGA279 x 209 x 9450noLVDSTianma 
NL10276BC24-21F12.1"1024 x 768XGA260 x 203 x 8.7800noLVDSTianma 
TM121TDSG0212.11024 x 768XGA279 x 209 x 9450noLVDSTianma 
NL12880BC20-07F12.1"1280 x 800WXGA 277 x 180 x 8.71600noLVDSTianam 
NL12880AC20-14D12.1"1280 x 800WXGA 450noLVDSTianma 
NL12880BC20-32F12.1"1280 x 800WXGA , SFT1100noLVDSTianma 
TM121JDSG1012.1"1280 x 800WXGA 450noLVDSTianma 
YTSC10VLAA-01-100N12.1"1024 x 768XGA , IPS260.5 x 204 x 7.2500noLVDSYES 
YTSC10WLAA-01-100N12.1"1280 x 800WXGA , IPS278 x 184 x 8.16400noLVDSYES 
WF12112.1"1024 x 768XGA260 x 204 x 8.4600noLVDSWinstar 
NL12880BC20-05BD12.1"1280 x 768WXGA 277.7 x 180.6 x 8.7400PCAPLVDSTianma 
NL10276AC30-52C15.0"1024 x 768XGA326 x 253 x 11.81600noLVDSTianam 
NL10276AC30-42D15.0"1024 x 768 XGA326 x 253 x 11.8600noLVDSTianma 
TM150TDSG7115.0"1024 x 768XGA326 x 253 x 11.8450noLVDSTianma 
NL10276AC30-48D15.0"1024 x 768XGA350noLVDSTianma 
NL10276KC30-43DD15.0"1024 x 768XGA326 x 253 x 11.8450PCAPLVDSTianma 
AVD-TT150XG-CN-00215.0"1024 x 768XGA328 x 225 x 14.2450noLVDSAVD 
NL13676BC25-07F15.6"1366 x 768WXGA 1250noLVDSTianma 
NL13676AC25-05D15.6"1366 x 768WXGA 363 x 216 x 10.3400noLVDSTianma 
NL192108BC18-06F15.6"1920 x 1080 FHD , IPS1500noeDPTianma 
NL192108AC18-01D15.6"1920 x 1080FHD , IPS400noeDPTianma 
NL128102AC26-0117.0"1280 x 1024SXGA400noTLVDSTianma 
NL192108AC21-0418.5"1920 x 1080FHD , IPS400noLVDSTianma 
NL128102AC29-1719.0"1280 x 1024SXGA800noLVDSTianma 
NL256204AM16-02A21.3"2560 x 2048QSXGA2000noLVDSTianma 
NL160120AM27-33A21.3"1600 x 1200UXGA1900noLVDSTianma 
NL204153AM21-18A21.3"2048 x 1536WVGA164.9 x 100.0 x 6.81700noLVDSTianma 
NL384216AC15-0127.0"3840 x 2160UHD800noeDPTianma 
NL328204AC19-0130.0"3280 x 2048WQXGA1000noeDPTianma