Color TFT

Perfect colors are provided at each Standard TFT in our wide product portfolio. We offer products from 1.45" up to 30" diagonal sizes, many of them with industrial specification behind and long term availability for our customers.

Most of them have long life LED Backlights, higher brightness and driving method is easy due to our family concept. Beside the TFT module we can provide also inverters, cables and controller boards if required. Semi-custom TFT solutions by changing FPC; BLU; Bezel etc. and even full custom TFT products are possible to provide.


Roland Hanel
Manager Marketing & Sales
DISPLAY LC Deutschland GmbH
Model No.DiagonalResolution (dots)Resolution (Type)Module Size (mm)Brightness (cd/m2)TouchInterfaceSpecialContactPDF
TM040YDHG324.0"480 x 800WVGA 56.34 x 95.7 x 1.83450noMIPITianma 
TM043NDHG114.3"480 x 272WQVGA105.5 x 67.2 x 2.9885noRGB 24 bitTianma 
TM043YDHG304.3"480 x 800WVGA61.96 x 104.5 x 1.9300noRGB (24) + SPITianma 
YTS430ILAG-01-100N,C4.3"480 x 272WQVGA , IPS105.5 x 67.2 x 3.55400noRGBYES 
ZB0430JR0500CD4.3"480 x 272WQVGA105.5 x 113.4 x 3.95500noRGBZBOE 
AVD-TT43WQ-NN4.3"480 x 272WQVGA105.4 x 67.1 x 2.95250noRGBAVD 
WF43H4.3"480 x 272WQVGA105.5 x 67.2 x 4.05700noRGBWinstar 
TM043NVHG014.3"480 x 272WQVGA113.44 x 71.46 x 4.55260PCAPCMOS 8bitTianma 
WF34M4.3"480 x 272WQVGA125.5 x 67.2 x 9.25300PCAPUART/SPIWinstar 
WF46A4.6"800 x 320 120.7 x 56.16 x 3.1400noRGBWinstar 
TM046JDHP014.66"720 x 1280HD , SFT61.6 x 113.18 x 1.43400noMIPITianma 
TM050RDH035.0"800 x 480WVGA120.7x75.8x3.1250noRGB (24)Tianma 
YTSRLAQ-01-100N5.0"800 x 480WVGA120.7 x 75.8 x 2.8500noRGB (40Pin)YES 
YTS500ZLAA-01-100C5.0"1080 x 1920HD , IPS67.08 x 120.2 x 2.05350noMIPIYES 
ZB0500DM0700IP5.0"720 x 1280HD , IPS65.40 x 119.30 x 1.65700noMIPIZBOE 
AVD-TT50WV-NN-0015.0"800 x 480WVGA120.7 x 76.0 x 3.05250no24 Bit RGBAVD 
WF50C5.0"480 x 272WQVGA120.7 x 75.8 x 3.1500noRGBWinstar 
TM050RVHG025.0"800 x 480WVGA123.26 x 80.06 x 4.6300PCAPCMOS 8bitTianma 
WV50B5.0"800 x 480WVGA120.7 x 75.8 x 4.58 360PCAPRGBWinstar 
ZB0550FM0350BP5.5"1080 x 1920FHD , IPS70.8 x 129.01 x 1.49350noMIPIZBOE 
YTS550XLAB-02-100C5.5"720 x 1280HD , IPS73.02 x 153.17 x 3.1350noMIPIYES 
NL3224AC36-01F5.7"320 x 240QVGA203 x 145.9 x 5.7800noCMOS / RGB (18)Tianma 
NL6448AC18-08F5.7"640 x 480VGA800noCMOSTianma 
NL6448AC18-08D5.7"640 x 480VGA550noCMOS / LVDSTianma 
TM057JDHP045.7"1280 x 720HD , SFT137.0 x 74.98 x 1.57450noMIPITianma 
WF57S5.7"320 x 240QVGA , monochrom160.0 x 109.0 x 7.01000noMCUWinstar 
WF57F5.7"640 x 480VGA125.0 x 98.8 x 5.95500noRGBWinstar 
TM057CVHG015.7320 x 240QVGA144.0 x 104.6 x 13.95400PCAPCMOS 6bTianma 
TM057QVHG015.7"640 x 480VGA144.0 x 104.6 x 13.95320PCAPCMOS 6bTianma 
WF57S5.7"320 x 240VGA , monochrome160.0 x 109.0 x 8.26800PCAPMCUWinstar 
WF57M5.7"320 x 240QVGA141.12 x 101.55 x 14.76300PCAPUART/SPIWinstar 
TM060JDZG016.0"800 x 1280WXGA , SFT400noMIPITianma 
WF62A6.2"640 x 320 monochrome170.32 x 88.3 x 5.3600noMCUWinstar 
TM062RDS016.2"800 x 480WVGA400noRGBTianma 
NL6448BC20-35C/30C6.5"640 x 480VGA153.0 x 118.0 x 8.21000noCMOS / LVDSTianma 
NL6448BC20-35D/30D6.5"640 x 480VGA153.0 x 118.0 x 8.2600noCMOS / LVDSTianma 
NL10276BC13-01C6.5"1024 x 768XGA153.0 x 118.0 x 9.0650noLVDS / 8bTianma 
YTS800320LAA6.5"800 x 320 with O-Film164.9 x 72.86 x 3.8noRGBYES 
NL6448BC20-30JF6.5"640 x 480VGAwithout cover glass950PCAPLVDSTianma 
NL8048AC19-14F7.0"800 x 480WVGA , LED 100kh170 x 111 x 8.51000noLVDSTianma 
NL8048AC19-217.0"800 x 480WVGA , LED 100kh500noLVDSTianma 
NLB070WV01L-017.0"800 x 480WVGA 300noCMOS / RGB / LVDSTianma 
TM070RDHG237.0"800 x 480WVGA164.9 x 100.0 x 5.71400noRGB / CMOSTianma 
TM070RDHG707.0"800 x 480WVGA , SFT164.9 x 100 x 5.7550noRGB / CMOSTianma 
TM070DDHG037.0"1024 x 600WSVGA165.7 x 105.4 x 3.4320noLVDSTianma 
TM070JDHG307.0"1280 x 800WXGA , SFT161.0 x 107.0 x 3.3400noLVDSTianma 
YTS700RLAT-01-100C7.0"800 x 480WVGA164.9 x 100.0 x 5.71000noRGB 40 PinsYES 
YTS700TLAL-01-100N7.0"1024 x 600WSVGA164.9 x 100 x 4.8500noLVDSYES 
YTS700WLAG-01-100N7.0"800 x 1280WXGA , IPS103.56 x 162.5 x 2.45350noMIPIYES 
ZB0700CR1000DP7.0"800 x 480WVGA , IPS164.9 x 100.0 x 5.71000noRGB 18 bitZBOE 
ZB0700KR0700BT7.0"1024 x 600WSVGA164.8 x 99.8 x 5.6700noLVDSZBOE 
ZB0700GMXXXEX7.0"1200 x 1920WUXGA98.7 x 160.8 x 1.9noMIPIZBOE 
AVD-TT70V-NN7.0"800 x 480WVGA164.9 x 100.0 x 3.5800noRGB 24 bitAVD 
WF70B7.0"1024 x 600WSVGA , O-Film168.5 x 102.0 x 4.8900noLVDSWinstar 
NL8048AC19-13BD7.0"800 x 480WVGA170.0 x 111.0 x 8.5430PCAPLVDSTianma 
AVD-TT70WS-NN-0037.0"1024 x 600WSVGA164.9 x 100.0 x 3.45250PCAPLVDSAVD 
WF70B7.0"1024 x 600WSVGA164.8 x 99.8 PCAPLVDSWinstar 
TM080SDHG028.0"800 x 600SVGA183.0 x 1841.0 x 5.6700noRGB / CMOSTianma 
NL8048BC21-038.0"800 x 480WVGA , SFT1000LVDSTianma 
AVD-TT80WX-NN-0128.0"800 x 1280WXGA , IPS114.5 x 184.0 x 2.6320noMIPIAVD 
WF8D8.0"800 x 480WVGA180.1 x 103.4 x 6.4320RTP RGBWinstar 
NL6448BC26-27C8.4"640 480VGA200.0 x 152.0 x 8.2900noCMOS / LVDSTianma 
NL6448BC26-27D8.4"640 x 480VGA200.0 x 152.0 x 8.2500noCMOS / LVDSTianma 
NL8060BC21-11F8.4"800 x 600SVGA200.0 x 152.0 x 8.2800noLVDSTianma 
TM084SDHG028.4"800 x 600SVGA189.7 x 149.4 x 4.8330noRGB / CMOSTianma 
NL10276BC16-06D8.4"1024 x 768XGA , SFT600noLVDSTianma 
ZB0840CT0600DT8.4"800 x 480WVGA190.0 x 120.0 x 5.1600noTTLZBOE 
NL8060BC21-11KG8.4"800 x 600SVGA200.0 x 152.0 x 8.2750PCAPLVDSTianma 
NL8048BC24-09D9.0"800 x 480WVGA220.5 x 136.5 x 8.2400noLVDSTianma 
TM090DDSG019.0"1024 x 600WSVGA500noLVDSTianma 
NL192108AC10-01D9.0"1920 x 1080WUXGA , SFT214.6 x 130.0 x 9.1400noLVDSTianma 
ZB0900DL0800DP9.0"1280 x 720HD , IPS210.7 x 126.8 x 7.1800noLVDSZBOE 
TM092XDHG019.2"1920 x 480500noLVDSTianma 
TM101JDHG3210.1"1280 x 800WXGA 1000noLVDSTianma 
YTSA10WLAI-02-100C10.1"1280 x 800WXGA , IPS258 x 176.6 x 10.5800noLVDSYES 
TM101JDHG3010.1"1280 x 800WXGA 500noLVDSTianma 
TM101DDHG0110.1"1024 x 600WSVGA450noLVDSTianma 
ZB1010GL0340HP10.1"1920 x 1200WUXGA , IPS230.1 x 150.2 x 6.9340noLVDSZBOE 
WF101FS10.1"1280 x 800WXGA 257.9 x 168.6 x 9.4900noLVDSWinstar