Color TFT

Perfect colors are provided at each Standard TFT in our wide product portfolio. We offer products from 1.45" up to 30" diagonal sizes, many of them with industrial specification behind and long term availability for our customers.

Most of them have long life LED Backlights, higher brightness and driving method is easy due to our family concept. Beside the TFT module we can provide also inverters, cables and controller boards if required. Semi-custom TFT solutions by changing FPC; BLU; Bezel etc. and even full custom TFT products are possible to provide.


Roland Hanel
Manager Marketing & Sales
DISPLAY LC Deutschland GmbH
Model No.DiagonalResolution (dots)Resolution (Type)Module Size (mm)Brightness (cd/m2)TouchInterfaceSpecialContactPDF
TFT320320-5-E1.26"320 x 320round35.37 x 40.02 x 1.5300noMPI/SPITruly  
TFT220220-2-E1.38"220 x 220round42.40 x 46.90 x 2.50340noMCUTruly  
YTS154LAA-01-100N1.54"240 x 240 Square , IPS31.52 x 33.72 x 1.54noSPI / RGBYES 
ZB0154ZS0400ET1.54"240 x 240Square31.50 x 35.00 x 2.0400no3-SPI / 2 data lineZBOE 
TM018FDZ831.77"128 x 160QQVGA34 x 45.83 x 2.8220noSPI 4WTianma 
AVD-TT17QQ-NN-007-A1.77"128 x 160QQVGA34.0 x 47.0 x 2.4200noSPIAVD 
ZB0200ZP0150AT2.0"176 x 220QCIF37.68 x 51.3 x 2.25150noParallelZBOE 
ZB0220AR0200ET2.2"320 x 320square47.4 x 51.85 x 2.5200no16bit RGBZBOE 
TM022HDHT112.2"240 x 320transflective40.6 x 56.6 x 2.7130noRGB/18 bit + 3 SPITianma 
TM023KDZ322.3"320 x 240QVGA320noCPU 16 bitTianma 
TM024HDH492.4"240 x 320QVGA42.72 x 60.26 x 2.55200noCPU 8 bitTianma 
YTS240DLBG-01-100N2.4240 x 320QVGA42.72 x 60.26 x 3.3220noMCU / (SPI)YES 
ZB0240AP0450BP2.4"240 x 320QVGA60.26 x 42.72 x 2.1450noParallelZBOE 
AVD-TT24QV-NN-001-S2.4"240 x 320QVGA42.72 x 60.26 x 2.1250noSPI / RGB / 8080AVD 
WF24F2.4"240 x 320QVGA42.72 x 60.26 x 2.2no16/8-bit (8080)Winstar 
TM028HDHG592.8"240 x 320QVGA300noRGB/3-wire SPI (18 bit)Tianma 
YTS280DLAV-01-100N,T,C2.8"240 x 320QVGA50.0 x 69.2 x 2.7300noMCUYES 
ZB0280AS0250BT012.8"240 x 320QVGA50.0 x 69.2 x 2.4250noSPIZBOE 
AVD-TT28QV-NN-0012.8"240 x 320QVGA50.0 x 69.2 x 3.0350noSPI/RGB/8080AVD 
WF28D2.8"240 x 320QVGA50.0 x 69.2 x 2.3200noCMOSWinstar 
YTC320108LAA-352.96"320 x 10875.0 x 34.99 x 1.5450noRGBYES 
TM030LDHT13.0"240 x 400transflectiv47.28 x 76.4 x 2.4130noRGB 18bits + 3 SPITianma 
YTS320HLAE-01-100N3.2"320 x 480HVGA , IPS50.54 x 78.31 x 2.25400noMCUYES 
TM035KDH043.5"320 x 240QVGA76.9 x 63.9 x 2.8500noRGB (24)Tianma 
TM035PDHG033.5"320 x 480HVGA55.26 x 84.69 x 2.2250noCPU/ RGB/ SPITianma 
YTS350ELAK-01-401N,T3.5"320 x 240QVGA76.9 x 63.9 x 3.3500noRGBYES 
YTS350HLAF-01-100N3.5"320 x 480HVGA55.26 x 84.69 x 2.5340noMIPIYES 
ZB0350AR0350BT3.5"320 x 240QVGA76.9 x 63.9 x 3.0350no24 bit / RGBZBOE 
ZB0350BM0300BT3.5"320 x 480HVGA54.4 x 84.07 x 2.2300noMIPIZBOE 
AVD-TT35QV-NN-0023.5"320 x 240QVGA76.9 x 63.9 x 3.26250noRGBAVD 
AVD-TT35HV-NN-0013.5"320 x 480HVGA55.5 x 84.96 x 2.45300noSPI/RGB/8080AVD 
WF35L3.5"320 x 240QVGA76.9 x 63.9 x 3.261100noRGBWinstar 
WF35N3.5"240 x 320QVGA, Monochrom62.9 86.54 x 4.1500noMCUWinstar 
TM035KVHG013.5"320 x 240QVGA79.9 x 68.9 x 4.38400PCAPRGB 24 bitTianma 
WF35L3.5"320 x 240QVGA76.9 x 63.9 x 4.52880PCAPRGBWinstar 
YTC480128LAC3.87"480 x 128106.0 x 39.61 x 10.3500noRGBYES