Know-how and competence in a specific field can only be acquired through the consistent and dedicated concentration on one's strengths. Since the establishment of our company in 1989 we have been committed to LCD technology. And it is no wonder that today DISPLAY LC AG is a leading company which operates Europe-wide. We offer successful DISPLAY solutions and services that bear the mark of competence.


Alex Erismann
President Holding


Back then till now...

Competence - Custom design

Working closely with our customers, we develop high technology displays for project specific applications.

Competence - Product spectrum

Our spectrum of state-of-the-art products, ranges from TN consumer panels through small and midsized modules to high-size graphic modules also at the field of TFT. We provide for our customers needs with a wide range of LCD-based technology products. Cooperating closely with our suppliers we are well versed in all technologies.

Competence - Standard product range

With our wide range of standard LCD products, solutions for a wide variety of applications can be realized in a minimum of time.

Competence - The quality standard

Highly skilled staff and our quality management system is the absolute guarantee of an ongoing high standard in every phase. Our company has been ISO 9001-certified since 1993.

Competence - Services

Our services are there to benefit you: design-in support, assistance in implementing manufacturing capabilities, all-encompassing system consulting (MMI), mechanical and electronic engineering, in-house LCD product design, long-term product support, logistics controlling.

Early 2000 we established our new sister-company DISPLAY LC EUROPE AG which is concentrating on custom design`s in the whole European area.

Since 2003 our company trademarks DISPLAY LC, DISPLAY LC Europe and Designed by DISPLAY LC are officially registered and protected worldwide.

In 2005 we established our German sales office as DISPLAY LC Deutschland GmbH, located in Waldbronn near Karlsruhe. Throughout these years we significantly increased the man power within Display LC for technical and commercial support towards our European customer base.

In 2013 our German sales office moved to Mannheim to get a more centralized and stronger support to our german customers.